17.09.2006 – Poththuvil Massacre

Poththuvil, located in the Amparai district, has a water reservoir called Raththan. The bank of this reservoir is in the Muslim Poththuvil GS Division but was transferred to the Lapugala Sinhala GS Division. As a result, there were many land disputes between the Sinhala and Muslim communities. Tension prevailed between the two communities. On 17 September 2006, Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) of the police killed ten Muslim men who went to the bank of the reservoir to repair the bank. One survivor was rescued by the people and was admitted to the hospital. Angry Muslims threw stones at the STF and demanded the STF out of their village.

Vorhandene Namen:

  1. Ameer (19)
  2. Aneez (19)
  3. Athukunchu (18)
  4. Fairuz (19)
  5. Faizal (19)
  6. Hamsudeen (18)
  7. Jawar (20)
  8. Navaz (18)
  9. Rishad (21)
  10. Shiam (20)

2006: "Massacres of Tamils 1956 - 2008", NESOHR (2010), p.190.
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