Nilaveli Massacre Week 12.07. – 15.07.1990

55 Tamils were massacred by the Sri Lankan army in Thirukonamalai – Nilaveli area. Two women were raped. On 12.07.1990 the Sri Lanka Army and the Sinhalese rural Guards jointly arrested and shot dead 35 Tamils. On 13.07.1990 they shot dead 7 civilians and on 14.07.1990 6 civilians belonging to the families of Chelliah and Ganesh in Nilaveli IDP camp. They also arrested five women, including two girls aged 10-12 years, and raped two of them. It is noteworthy that she is a mute woman. On 15.07.1990 they entered the internal displaced refugee camp in Thirukonamalai – Gopalapuram area and arrested 6 men and 2 women. Only one of them was released and all the others were shot dead. Soori, Maniam, Menon, Mohan, Vasu and Reeta are those who were murdered.

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