12.03.2009 – Artillery attacks within Safe Zone


Vavuniya police recovered in the morning the body of a youth shot dead with hands bound behind at Anna Nagar area in Poonthodam, Vavuniya. Unidentified armed men arriving in two cars shot dead the youth Sunday (11.03.2007) around 5:30 p.m, according to neighbours.

The body of the youth, estimated to be about 30 years, was kept at Vavuniya Public hospital for identification. After two days, 14.03.2009, the body of the youth was identified by his mother as Kandasamy Manoharan, 28, a resident of Olumadu, Mankulam. Manoharan had come to Vavuniya looking for work, his mother said.


A young husband and his wife, Sakthivelpillai Raja (22) and Niranjana (20) were shot dead inside their house at Iraalmadu in Vannaaththivillu police area in Puththalam district in the early hours. The killings have taken place in front of their two children.

Artillery attacks within Safe Zone

A pregnant mother delivered dead twins and her husband was wounded when Sri Lankan Army fired bullets reached their hut in Maaththalan, across the lagoon. Meanwhlie, SLA-fired shells hit the ground 300 meters away from the spot where the humanitarian supplies were being unloaded. Five civilians were killed and 20 sustained injuries in the attack that occurred around 8:20 a.m. Later in the evening, another shell attack targeted the ground where the supplies were being stored. 62 civilians were killed and more than 129 wounded throughout the day and the night inside the safe zone.

The attacks have taken place as a surveillance aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force was continuously engaged in monitoring the area.

The ICRC officials who were in a boat on their way towards the coast had to return to the ship as shelling targeted the coastal stretch in the morning. The ship was later moved to mid-sea.

Although the weather conditions have improved, the ICRC ship facilitating medical transport was yet to arrive. The makeshift-hospital was struggling to cope with the situation.

More than 40 civilians sustained injuries in Mullivaikkal and Valaignarmadam.

Some shops at Maaththalan junction were seen burning in the evening after SLA shelling targeted the area.

Two SLAF bomber jets were also continuously engaged in bombardment in areas close to safe zone. The bombers carried out four bombing missions, dropping 32 bombs throughout the day from the morning till evening 3:45 p.m.

Medical sources in the makeshift-hospital said pregnant mothers who lack nutritious food face and continuous trauma in addition to the physical stress are having a difficult time, especially after the mini-cyclone hitting the safe zone this week.

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