Trincomalee Naval Dockyard Secret Torture Site

Former Sri Lankan navy chief Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda was part of a case that cast a spotlight on extrajudicial killings during Sri Lanka’s genocidal war.
The killing of the 11 tamil youths (2009) was raised at the UN Human Rights Council, which called for independent investigations into atrocities during the genocidal war.

11 Tamil victims were killed while in the illegal custody of the navy (Gunsite underground Camp) although their bodies have never been found.

Investigators believe the true number of victims from the abductions and killings to be at least three times higher. The victims were tamil Civilians and were kidnapped purely to extort money from families. Some were killed even after cash was handed over.

A report revealed details of more than 40 torture sites, including the Trincomalee Naval base while naming over 60 rapists and torturers, all of whom are attached to the government security forces.

Among the 180 cases documented in this report, recorded eight accounts of torture and abuse that happened after January 8, 2015, the most recent being in July 2015.

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