Wiping out the Eelam Tamils’ history at the ancient Nedunthivu fort

Obliterating the Tamil king’s fort ruins by Genocidal Sri Lanka’s archaeological department.

Vediyarasan Fort, Nedunthivu

Billboards stating that the part of the ancient Nedunthivu fort is the ruins of a Buddhist pillar have sprung up abruptly under the agenda of wiping out the Eelam Tamils’ history from Nedunthivu Mavili ferry port.

This ancient site is associated with the history of the Tamil King called Vediyarasan. Historical records regarding this site are found in various ancient Tamil documents, The social activists have expressed that this action is a systematic ethnocide of Eelam Tamils by Sinhala Buddhist colonization.

Tamils from Nedundivu have urged history professors, universities and intellectuals to come forward to cease the Sinhala Buddhist colonization.

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