Thampalakamam was vandalised by a Sinhala army officer named Suresh Hashim on 02.07.1990

Motor shells were fired from Thampalakamam Army Camp on 01.07.1990. Air force bombers and Avro planes dropped the bombs. About 5000 people belonging to 1600 families took shelter in Thampalakamam Mahavidyalayam.

The next day, 02.07.1990, the SL army surrounded the Thampalakamam Mahavidyalayam. 22 youths and family members were shot and burnt with tyres. Then they took about 600 people, including a large number of young women, to the army camp. To this day we do not know what happened to them.

Army officer Suresh Hashim, known for the massacres and rapes in Thampalakamam in the past, had led the army this time too.

1600 families from Pankulam, Kandalai, 6th mile post (ஆறாம்கட்டை), Velangulam, Seenankuda, Palampottaru, Mullipoththanai villages are affected by this incident.

Many who escaped this massacre died in the mud. Besides the army, jihadi groups were also involved in the massacre. More than 24 Tamils died. Many were forcibly displaced.

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